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Bonus Information

The Nordben Level Plan bonus is applied to the policy's accrued benefits as at 31 December each year and to Level Plan pensions in payment (with the exception of disability pensions in payment arising from Level Plans where the Pensions in Payment bonus is applied).  The increase in Level Plan pensions in payment is applied with effect from 1 January each year (i.e. the bonus applied to accrued benefits as at 31 December takes effect from 1 January in the next calendar year).

The bonus regulations applying to this product have been issued to Policyholders by regular mail.  In addition, an Amendment to the Bonus Regulations is available at the following link:  please click here.   If you have any questions, please contact us (https://nordben.com/contact/).

In order to manage the risks associated with a declining number of policies, the insurer has entered into a reinsurance arrangement with its shareholder, Monument Re Limited.

The reinsurance treaty has the following advantages:

  • The longevity and investment risk has been transferred to the reinsurer.  
  • It will help ensure that the shareholder charge does not increase beyond the increases announced on 22 October 2018
  • Future bonus rates will continue to be declared on 1 January each year but it is anticipated that, whilst the insurer still applies discretion when determining annual bonus rates, the future annual bonus rates declared are unlikely to change other than in exceptional circumstances. 

The annual discretionary bonus rates that were affordable for the policyholders’ funds at the date the reinsurance was transacted are given in the below table.  These are expected to apply from 1 January 2024 (i.e. declared in December each year and credited to your Policy in the following January).













The insurer reserves the right to amend the bonus regulations and use its discretion when declaring future annual bonus rates.

Information on the 2021 declaration, average annualised bonus % and bonus history for this product is accessible at the following link: Historic Bonus Information.