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Other Nordben Products

We have a range of products that are not available online to our clients via this website – this is mainly due to the small number of policies remaining under our administration. These products are listed below:

Unitised Business

Other Business

Nordben Individual Plan

Nordben Annuity Plan

Nordben International Investment Plan

Nordben Level Plan (including retirement, survivor’s and disability pensions)

Nordben Living Annuity Plan

Disability pensions or survivor’s pensions arising from a group disability or group life contract

Group Pension Insurance Contract

Disability pensions or survivor’s pensions arising from a Triple C or Flex Plan policy.

Nordben Unit Linked Plan



If you have one of the above listed products (or are a claimant from an existing insurance contract), we will contact you by regular mail to:

  • Confirm policy terms and conditions governing the insurance contracts
  • Share key Company and policy announcements (as required)
  • Provide forms and valuations (as required)
  • Request information from you (as required)

If you have a question in respect of the above listed products or require a record of premiums (contributions) paid to your Policy, please contact us and we will aim to respond within 5 working days.

If you are a Nordben Unit Linked Plan policyholder, we contacted you on 7 November 2017.  Please contact us if you need a copy of this correspondence.