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Nordben to MILAC Scheme Transfer

Scheme: Please click here

Independent Actuary Report: Please click here

Guernsey Newspaper Notice: Please click here

Isle of Man Newspaper Notice: Please click here

Financial Times International Edition Newspaper Notice: Please click here

Isle of Man Claim Form: Please click here

Guernsey Application: Please click here

Royal Court of Guernsey - Final Court Order: Please click here

Isle of Man Court - Sanctions Order: Please click here


Supplementary Report to the Report of the Independent Actuary: Please click here


Transferor Communications Circular, comprising:

Covering letter sent to Nordben Policyholders: Please click here

Document A for Nordben Policyholders - Statement setting out the Terms of the Scheme of Transfer: Please click here

Document B - Summary of the Independent Actuary's Report: Please click here