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Though it nestles in the Cotentin Peninsular just thirty miles off the coast of France, the island of Guernsey is nevertheless truly British. It sits outside the EU and has been a Crown dependency for more than eight centuries. Its people exhibit an inherent entrepreneurial spirit and flawless work ethic, which must account for the island’s prosperity.

It’s independent and well regulated, fully justifying its position in the first division of financial services centres. This reputation for high professional and regulatory standards – commended by the IMF - combines with an excellent infrastructure of banking, legal and accounting services. Banks have played a key role in the development of Guernsey as a world-class finance centre, with around 50 licensed banks in the island.

Guernsey is Europe's leading captive insurance domicile and has seen sound growth in the value of funds under administration and continued expansion in its fiduciary sector. The insurance business can broadly be divided into international insurance – captive insurers and life assurance companies - and domestic insurance. Guernsey is also well respected for International Pension Plans.

The Guernsey Financial Services Commission regulate the island’s Finance Sector. It’s a statutory, autonomous, non-governmental body, which ensures that business conducted in Guernsey meets international standards, yet with a degree of pragmatism that allows enterprising financial institutions to flourish.

Guernsey, internationally recognized and just a short 45 minute flight south from London.

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